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Google Introduces New Free Keyword Planning Tool |

So what is this mystery tool that Google has rolled out in the last few days…we at decided to look into it.

Well the Keyword Planning Tool it is a tool that combines the Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimatorinto One!!

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At the heart of every successful AdWords project are well prepared keywords and ad teams. In the past, you might have depended on tools like the Keyword Device and Web traffic Estimator (or something like Long Tail Pro or Market Samurai) to recognize new keywords and ad groups, get web traffic estimates, and select competitive proposals and budget plans. Over time nevertheless, we’ve heard from you that having two tools for search campaign building was difficult.

Google has been working to simplify the process of constructing campaigns, and now they’ve revealed the launch of a new tool, Keyword Planner, which integrates the functionality of the Keyword Tool and Website traffic Estimator into a smooth, incorporated workflow. You can use Keyword Planner to discover brand-new keyword and ad group concepts, get performance quotes for them to find the quote and budget plan that are right for you, and then include them to your campaigns. You’ll also see some brand-new functions in the device – a few of which we’ll highlight below.

Discover brand-new keyword and advertisement group ideas
To discover new keyword and advertisement group concepts, use Keyword Coordinator simply like you would the Keyword Device. A brand-new function in Keyword Coordinator likewise permits you to ‘multiply’ keywords, or combine two or more keyword listings to generate brand-new keywords. To choose exactly what keyword match kind to use, you’ll have to add the keyword to your plan and look at efficiency quotes for each match type.

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SEO Internet Development – Before Attempting to Rank In The Search Engines

There are many fantastic sites on the Web that will offer you all the tips and tricks that you can handle around the topic of SEO. The fact is… no matter how great a Web marketeryou are (or think you are), it is really tough to make significant cash online without understanding SEO (online search engine optimization) and gathering those abilities. For this, you can either go out and hire a search engine optimization business, take a training class on line via brick and mortar,  or do it yourself. The possibilities are really endless.

This can be very tough process if you’re constantly using Google ad words in pay per click to make cash on the Web. Definitely, there are numerous terrific Internet marketers that have actually made all their cash on the Net entirely from pay per click; however, remember that this is an extremely tough business model to be successful with long-term. ESPECIALLY for a BEGINNER!!!

Pay per click does have its own benefits over SEO Internet development. It is much quicker to start producing traffic your website with it, as you can literally begin driving traffic to your website within 15 minutes of enrolling in a pay per click campaign. SEO, on the other hand, takes rather long approach.

Many times, it will take you a number of weeks to a number of months before achieving that sought after traffic to your website, and that is dependent on how hard the keyword you are targeting is to go after. Keep in mind that getting free traffic is always more effective to the pay per click model in the long run. So how to we do this you ask… well since you asked and all, here are some essential pointers to understand in advance.

To start with, prior to beginning with your SEO Web development, bear in mind that no amount of traffic you bring in will matter if it is NOT TARGETED TRAFFIC. Simply stated, if they aren’t there for the right reasons, it’s practically ineffective. Example, if you’re a online marketer, you are normally looking for one of 2 things… a sale at best or contact information for your list (at least name and email) at the least.

Therefore, even if you’re getting 10,000 or more site visitors per day, if they do not do this, this traffic is basically pointless. As a point of reference, this is what marketers refer to as conversion rate. How many of those site visitors were converted into customers. The best way to find out if your site converts is to do a quick Google average campaign, split test two different web pages to see which one converts the best. Go with that one but I say keep working on the other and see if you can come up with something better. Generally all you are out at this point is the cost of a domain name and some time (assuming you have someone like HostGator or BlueHostwho give you unlimited hosting where as you are only paying your monthly fee for all the sites you want versus per site).

Again, no matter how much cost-free online traffic you get, if the traffic isn’t doing  exactly what you wish it to do, there’s no reason to do SEO in the first place. It’s amazing how many new (and some old) Online Marketers don’t get this point. They all brag about  they are terrific at SEO, however they are awful a converting that traffic into paying customers. I ask you… what’s the point? If you in this to make money then you have to convert. It doesn’t matter how great you rank if you have no way to monetize it.

There are just two skills the matter; getting traffic in and converting THAT traffic into paying customers when it comes to Web marketing.  Keep this in mind for when your website is skyrocketing to the top of the online search engines, and perhaps more significantly, while your trying to get that traffic to offer you money.





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