Free Internet Secrets – New Domain With No Backlinks, No PageRank, No Age… Now What

Any SEO expert/ consultant worth their salt will tell you straight out that since 2004 it takes far longer to get positions in Google with brand-new domains because of what became known as “The Google Sandbox Effect“.

If you buy buy a new domain in a competitive keyword market, you could invest thousand upon thousands of dollars in backlink strategies and such and still get nowhere. It may take as long as 9 months for a competitive SERP. All is not lost though.. Long Tail Keyword exact match domains could help a bit by first, ensuring you aren’t in a VERY COMPETITIVE niche that would allow you to rank faster.

Lots of online business owners really have unrealistic expectations when it comes to new domains. Even with a completely search engine optimized content site and an excellent links project it may just be not very effective.

With Rates in the $75-200 per Hour or $500-$7500 per fixed job you can see how it could be very expensive. Use these services but keep an eye on the bottom line.

Principles of PageRank

Principles of PageRank (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So what to do…. what to do… Buy an Aged Domain

Domains are like wine… they get better with age.

Aged domains could already have a high Page Rank (PR) which will enhance visitor count leading to superior earnings or/and appeal. The reason behind this is that Google trusts aged domains more than a newly produced one. The old domain could have even more worth if it has some aged backlinks to go along with it or maybe some old posts that have a PR themselves.

I know, I know… you have this domain that is exact match that you just bought right, one to match particular keywords that describe your goods/product/service or whatever. Well, you can utilize a 301 redirect to reroute from the aged domain(s) to the brand-new or existing domain name. The power transfers from the aged domain to the brand-new one, even if the effectiveness is 80-90 % it is normally still worth it.

Keep an eye on GoDaddy Auctions as you can find High PR sites (like a 4 or 5) with Backlinks (incredible amounts like 40K backlinks as an example), 5 years old (minimum recommended for pickup) or more for under $50.00.

A couple of things to look out for when buying aged domains…

  1. Check whether the domain has ever been dropped as the value of the domain may have reduced considerably. Dropped domains often lose their PR, lose their impact in search engines and so on. To see whether a domain name was dropped at some point you can use the site
  2. Utilize the “Wayback Machine” to see what that internet site with that domain name looked like at various times in its life. This way, you can pick an old domain with material is comparable to yours and matches your business field so you can benefit even more from the acquisition of the domain name. I recommend you to go to where you can see a copy of how the website looked every year of its existence.
  3. Lastly… before buying an old domain you should look into whether the page rank is valid and not forged. Created page ranks are becoming significantly more common, making it really big issue. It happens due to the fact that some domain sellers will redirect page rank from among their domains to another one of theirs, this way, you will see the page rank prior to buying it (assuming you buying from a private entity and not someone like GoDaddy). However afterwards they will eliminate the page rank leaving you with page rank zero domain. To check if the page rank is legitimate quickly… use this website’s application:

Aged domains can really be a quick way to help you gain some search engine love EARLIER than you could do it yourself.

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